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What Makes a Dream Home?

Natasha Usher, an Interior Architect’s Perspective

When deciding to build a dream home, the key people to consult with are the architect if you’re building from the ground up from scratch and interior architect / designer. While the architect takes care of the “external” structure of the house, the interior architect is responsible for everything “inside” including the master planning, locating the technical drainage, plumbing and electrical works, construction detailing and the final furniture and finishes of the home to give that overall design look.

Fundamental differences between the architect and interior architect is that we don’t do any external work or loading submissions although we are trained in the construction process. There are also interior “decorators” who sometimes classify themselves as “designers” who primarily only deal with the finishes and loose furniture selections who may not be master planners or have technical construction input. It’s therefore, important that your clients understand the key differences in order to hire the right consultant to match the needs for your project as the level of expertise can range greatly.

Everyone has their own idea of what a dream home entails. No matter what size or type of home you choose, top interior architect Natasha Usher shares a few styles tips for residential design that can help to create a personality for your home.

Coastal Living with Colors

Coastal homes have an instinctive feel of airiness and relaxation. The benefit of being near the water and having a breeze allows for more playfulness in treating interiors through using bright seaside colors and framing windows with characteristic shutters. Earthy natural materials and limewashed wood can further add more warmth and personality to beach homes.

• Cool sea color hues are complimented with rich earthy walnut and light woods

• Window shutters are the finishing touch for any coastal home with a sea view

• Using a dramatic color shiplap wall panel can provide a focal feature

• Exposed wood ceiling beams enhance depth and provides a natural appeal in this duplex designed for our client’s weekend resort in Sai Kung

• Using a ceiling fan and showcasing your photo wall gallery creates a more intimate setting

• Natural woven rugs complete the look and can help frame your living spaces

• Use rich grain solid wood furniture pieces to enhance softness and warmth

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Interior Design by NUDE

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