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natasha usher nude design

Peek Into Natasha Usher’s Designer Mind

On Design and Inspiration

Passionate about detail and beautiful design installations, Natasha shares what she likes most about designing “I appreciate design simplicity using just the right balance of creativity paired with practicality. Inevitably this is what good design should aspire to and a very rewarding revelation when you generate an audience that appreciates this thought process.”

On Milestones in her Career

My personal journey is to have fun and take pride in the work regardless the nature, size or budget. I also want to continue showcasing internationally appreciated designs that promote the Hong Kong and Asian creative community. Additionally, we have been fortunate to win the international design awards with IDA, Masterprize and IIDA over the years which serves to keep us abreast in the design community globally. Such recognition helps further promote the growing talent in Asia amongst international design professionals.

On Sustainability

Sustainable practices are personally important to me where I consciously try to adopt sustainable measures in both my personal and professional work life and in both small and large project ventures. It’s an ongoing goal to persuade more clients to commit to a short-term cost premium for long-term benefits. No doubt this continues to pose as a challenge with some projects, but the way forward is to make such choices available and to educate end-users.

On Life Lessons

In both business and personal, my life’s lesson reflects that you cannot expect smooth sailing winds in most of our journey. Learning how to adjust the sail when the wind is uncontrollable is most invaluable and mistakes we might make along the way can surprisingly lead to an unplanned opportunity, it will also keep us ready for the next challenge.

Natasha’s eye for detail, passion and commitment to her work and her purposeful projects sets the tone for what clients can expect from working with her and Nude Interior Design and Architecture, her design studio based in Hong Kong.

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