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Part Three of a Series Incorporating vintage with antique collectables in your home can be a fun collaborative effort between the homeowner and designer. Natasha Usher shares such experience and tips on designing warm vintage style homes.  Classic Vintage Design Homes Using past travel memorabilia and family heirlooms can add a personalized balance when creating a classic-vintage theme.  Home accents with antique furniture pieces, Asian eclectic collectibles, traditional toggle light switches and motif details help add flair and

*Part Two of a Series Our home represents our personal story.  The choice of furniture, lighting, accents, are all a reflection of one’s taste, personality and lifestyle. The role of interior architects is to help tell that story by defining one’s style and creating our dream home.   For the second part of our feature on “What Makes a Dream Home” we showcase the

RTHK interviews Natasha Usher, founder and director of NUDE Design on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected design for Hong Kong homes since most families are either working from home and also tasked with online school. Watch Noreen and Natasha tackle quarantine living ideas on The 123 show.

Natasha Usher, an Interior Architect’s Perspective When deciding to build a dream home, the key people to consult with are the architect if you’re building from the ground up from scratch and interior architect / designer. While the architect takes care of the “external” structure of the house, the interior architect is responsible for everything “inside” including the master planning, locating the technical

On Design and InspirationPassionate about detail and beautiful design installations, Natasha shares what she likes most about designing “I appreciate design simplicity using just the right balance of creativity paired with practicality. Inevitably this is what good design should aspire to and a very rewarding revelation when you generate an audience that appreciates this thought process.” On Milestones in her CareerMy personal journey